Kris Bowers must be a remarkable young man. – I would really like to meet him and hear him play. The man has soul! His site, Campusounds, seems to have given many truly wonderful aspiring artists a place to be heard. When I started this site (I bought the domain I intended to post some of my favorite music, have a chat with fellow music lovers and just have a  good time with it.  And then I discovered what a tremendous site this has been and I soon became committed to putting back at least some of the wonderful music it had showcased before. That’s how I found Alex Isley – a musician with a voice than can make me cry at the sheer beauty of it.

I hope no one’s offended at my putting some of this back together – it’s too beautiful to lose!
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This is another wonderful music video of a talented artist that was made for Campusounds.  I almost feel as though I’m putting together the old site just for the love of music and I am filled with admiration for Kris Bowers who put the original Campusounds together. He would probably think of this site I’m assembling as a music museum! But I’m enjoying it so what the heck!

Campusounds Piano


The Sounds of Kris Bowers

This music is owned wholly by Kris Bowers – there’s a link to his site below.

This site was started by a young musician who I don’t know – a student at Julliard called Kris Bowers.  I have picked up the domain quite simply as a lifelong lover of music. Here is what Kris Bowers said about starting this site – I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him! :

This frustration eventually led me to create a Web site dedicated to the discovery and promotion of the great music being created on college campuses all over the country and world. Called Campusounds, it gives readers daily snapshots of the music scene on different campuses. Student-written interviews and CD and concert reviews (often with music clips) let people share the sounds of the artists they love. The site also provides up-close-and-personal slices of life at different colleges from the students’ rather than the administrations’ perspective. And finally it offers a platform for artists to showcase their musical voices and connect them to their peers around the country and the world.

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Online Piano Lessons

Welcome to Campus Sounds where we will help you learn how to play the piano with our online piano lessons. We have many teachers who have been featured on top music teaching facilities and point you to the right Wikipedia Pages that will show you exactly how the instrument works and what you need to be doing to maximize how well you learn to play. We will also be introducing specialized Coaches to help you to realize the range and power of your playing ability and advise on what the best type of composition is for you.

This is a bit different to the conventional approach where musicians are given pieces that are often wholly inappropriate to their natural abilities. Every musician needs a a lot of training, and we all need to hear ourselves from a recording so we can hear our music as others hear it. Piano is my life, but when I first heard the mess I was making of superb pieces – even the simple ones, I was appalled! That’s what training is for – to get you into your own style so naturally that you become innately sensitized to what’s great and what’s not as the instrument responds to your touch.

How To Sign Up For Our Piano Lessons

We are currently preparing this site, however if you are looking into mastering the piano, we are setting up a section of rhythms that will help you enormously when it comes to learning the best techniques for learning. There are many way to practice and specific techniques that help you master your playing style. There are also many different types of styles you can learn from, which we will cover in great detail on this site. We will be teaching:

  • Blues – many modern styles are based on classic blues, and a great many blues songs are based on a simple chord progression, which is known as 12-bar blues.
  • Rock – Elton John typifies this as well as blues
  • Cocktail – This is an older style, reminiscent of Liberace – lots of spectacular flourishes!
  • Boogie Woogie- This is another style based on the blues. This is often considered to be dance music, and doesn’t carry the sadness of traditional blues.
  • Rhythm and Blues – This style is evident in blues, jazz, and gospel styles. The emphasis is very much on rhythm
  • Ragtime – The first truly home-grown completely American piano style. It’s a very syncopated style and not so hard to play.
  • Jazz – Tends to borrow styles and rhythm from many others making a new blended style. Requires a very fluid improvisational approach to sound authentic. I love this style because you really ‘feel’ the notes.
  • Country and Western – Yes, this is a piano style too! It’s mainly rooted in older folk music though
  • Gospel – I guess we’ve all heard the great gospel sounds at some time. Like so much modern music of great spirituality and feel, it derives from African American communities.
  • Classical - last and certainly not least on my list! There’s huge variation here and true mastery is required to play many of the masterpieces.

So when will we be opening? We will be opening our training based services within a few months. There will be very few training websites out there that will provide this level of expertise when it comes to lessons because we are hiring the best teachers in the industry to help you learn how to play your favorite pieces. If you are interested, we are going to be opening a waiting list below and will be taking up to 200 people  for our specialty training program. If you would like to get on this waiting list I encourage you to sign up below. Please note this will be first come, first serve training that will allow you to explode your playing skills.

Stay Tuned – we will be releasing a ton more info here in the next couple of months. Until then, enjoy the beautiful piece that’s playing and have a look at the lessons I’ve put up!

Peter Billings
Piano Lessons online